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Neptune's Livingston, MT

Neptune’s Brewery

· Livingston, MT ·

February 24, 2017 0 Comments

Neptune's encourages you to come "drink like a God" in their adorable aquatic themed brewery. It's small, but has lots of charm and character.

My overall rating:

Livingston is a cute little town. This was actually the only time I’ve ever visited, and it got dark shortly after. But from Neptune’s and then Katabatic, I’m itching to get back there during day hours. It’s actually a pretty tough call for me between the two Livingston breweries. However, I think Neptune’s wins out with their quirky charm.

Neptune's Livingston, MT outdoor patio seating

Neptune's Livingston, MT inside taproom seating

It’s a small space, fairly tight and packed when I went. Luckily for me there were open seats at the bar. The tables look like they might be a little too close for my liking. There is seating outside which would help you escape the cramped atmosphere, weather permitting of course. And although I’m saying how small it is, that also is something I find I enjoy in a brewery. Makes it cozy to me.

Neptune's Brewery Livingston, MT taproom bar beer flight

Neptune's Brewery Livingston, MT taproom beer flight bar

Sitting at the bar also offers the fish tank view though, which is unique to Neptune’s (in Montana anyway). You can look through into the brewing facility, like they brew underwater back there. I actually spent ages trying to get a decent photo of both my flight and the aquarium. The bartender must have thought, “How many pictures of a flight does a person need!?”. Now she’s met me, now she knows. (33 in case you’re wondering, and only about 4 were halfway any good.)

Neptune's Brewery Livingston, MT bar beer flight montana brewery passport

Neptune's Livingston, MT taproom beer flight

Neptune's Livingston, MT beer flight montana brewery passport bar

Honey Rye (), Amber Jack Ale (), Dirty Bird APA (), Oktoberfest (), Scottish Ale (), & Latte Stout ()

The beers average out around 3.5 for me. Getting a flight is a good idea here, you get this cute little flight board on top of being able to sample 6 beers. I can’t figure out if they’re really expensive though. This flight was all I had and then I used my brew crew card towards it. I still got a tab back for $11. If you factor in a price of a pint that my brew crew card should have paid for, that means the flight was somewhere between $15-$17. That can’t be right. I don’t know if I just didn’t get anything taken off for my brew crew card. But then again, $11 for a flight is still a bit expensive Montana-wise. Who knows I guess.

Neptune's Brewery Livingston, MT beer tap handle mermaid

Neptune's Livingston, MT beer tap handle mermaid

For more on Neptune’s current beers or food menu, check out their site.


Livingston, MT in the fall Yellowstone River

Livingston, MT just before you reach Neptune’s brewery.