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Dunluce Brewing Four Aces Bar Superior, MT

Dunluce Brewing

· Superior, MT ·

May 9, 2017 3 Comments

Way out in Superior, MT is a brewery that is so small it doesn't have its own taproom. To get Dunluce beer, you have to stop at a local bar.

My overall rating:

Dunluce doesn’t have an official taproom at their brewery. I think because they brew out of their own home. Instead there is a list of bars that have Dunluce on tap for you to choose from. Unfortunately, this means (or it did in my case) that you only get one beer to choose from of theirs.

Dunluce Brewing Four Aces Bar Superior, MT

Dunluce Brewing Four Aces Bar Superior, MT

Superior, MT is probably not a place you’ve heard of, or planned on stopping. It’s a small little town on the western side of the state, home to some bars and a NAPA. (Really though, why does every town in Montana, no matter how small, have a NAPA?) It is pretty though, hard not to be on that half of the state.

Superior, Montana Clark Fork River

Superior, Montana. The Clark Fork River goes through it.

I chose to go to Four Aces Bar to get my Dunluce stamp. When I got there, it was just me and a regular down on the other end of the bar. Him and the bartender were so sweet though. The guy at the end of the bar even gave me a koozie, so that I’d have a momento of Four Aces. Like I said, so sweet. Although they looked at me like I had two heads when I asked for a passport stamp. She dug around for a bit looking for it, and eventually just told me I could have a sticker instead. Luckily the sticker wasn’t any bigger than what it was, or else it wouldn’t have fit on my page.

Dunluce Brewing Four Aces Bar Superior, MT

Four Aces is a typical dive bar, but it’s bright, and didn’t feel all dirty like some can. Plus like I said before, the locals were all nice so I didn’t feel weird at all, even when I was taking tons of pictures of everything. My only gripe is there was only one Dunluce offering on tap. I had hoped to be able to try a couple of their beers since it’s so far to get to in the first place. My beer was the amber, she didn’t know the name of it though. Judging from what I’ve researched, I want to say it’s the Dun ‘n’ Done.

Dunluce Brewing Four Aces Bar Superior, MT

Dunluce Brewing Four Aces Bar Superior, MT

Dunluce is brewed by a couple that lives in Superior, which the bartender kept telling me I could just drive to their house to see the actual brewery. I thought that might be weird to just show up at their house though, so I didn’t do that. But, another thing I’ve found in my research is that the beer is brewed with barely and hops grown on their families’ farms. That’s cute and makes the beer so much more special.

Dunluce Brewing Four Aces Bar Superior, MT

Dun ‘n’ Done Amber ()

You can learn more about their story on their website, as well as see where all the bars are that offer their beer. I’d say it’s worth going to Superior for. The Four Aces Bar was cute, and Superior itself is cute.



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    June 23, 2017

    Hello! My husband and I own Dunluce Brewing and as I was working on updating our website this week, I came across your post about us. Thank you for stopping to try to our beer. We’re glad you enjoyed the town and appreciate your business!

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    June 23, 2017

    Also, we checked at Four Aces to make sure they have the stamp still. They did find it. I’m sorry that you weren’t able to get it that day!

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      June 24, 2017

      That’s okay, I’m glad they found it! I like my sticker though so no worries at all. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on here, it means a ton to me the owners saw my blog post! Cheers to your guys’ good beer, I look forward to trying more of it some day!